Plastic Gift Card Accessory Bundles
Blank Gift Card Sleeves

Blank Gift Card Sleeves:

The Blank Gift Card Sleeves

The blank gift card sleeves allow you to design your sleeves to any occasion you may need them for. There a great way to be unique and different from everyone else.It is important to the customers and its important to us that you have the right products for your gift cards. Order online or call us to get you started with your gift card projects. Toll Free 1.800.808.7472.

Choose from 7 different gift card backers, that will protect our gift cards
Our polka dot gift card sleeve is new and perfect for every gift.
check out our custom gift card sleeves
Die cut backers are unique, but eye catching to everyone. There a great way to spice up the holiday!
Take a look at our gift card envelopes
A Gift For You envelope is perfect fit for any plastic gift card projects.
We accept all of these payments for purchase.

We except a vareity of credit cards for purchasing